IPO of King – after first quarterly report as listed company – meeting analyst expectations?

As discussed before IPO I had some doubts about sustainability of the valuation level of this interesting stock. Later browsing through the revenue development I was curious to see what happens after Q1. Now the results are out.king

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Jolla installation – second round

Lesson from first trial were useful now as Jolla came from maintenance – empty as one could expect.

Contact information was easy to retrieve from gmail-account

Found new easier guide for setting up GooglePlay.

Now after second round i still believe it is doable, but at the same time wonder, could it have been a bit easier? Availability of basic applications in Jolla-store is a problem for basic user.

Well anyhow Jolla is now up and running again. Waiting for next Sailfish upgrade to see what happens then. Hopefully it will go more smoothly.

IPO of King – development of revenue and number of customers

King filed for IPO already last September. It was said to delay IPO due to dependency on profits from one game only. Was that all? What has changed after that?

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Jolla first crashes – maintenance working well though

Last week it happened. I experienced difficulties while trying to update operating system. It just did not load the updated version. Although phone functioned well until last Monday. After that it just did not boot up at all. Only Jolla logo was showing up. Even removing of the battery did not make any positive effect to the situation.

Finally on Thursday I delivered the phone to maintenance. Positive surprise was that they managed to fix the problem already on Friday. Now looking forward to pick it up next week to see what is left of installed software and data. Most probably nothing, but if you are pessimistic enough you will newer get disappointments:)

Now phone should be equipped with newest version of Sailfish, so next thing for me is to figure out how it has developed in relation to utilization of Android applications and application stores.

Jolla installation – few first timer observations

Basically Jolla seem as nice phone with innovative user interface and multitasking. They are “very unlike” as they say. There are few things, good to know while getting started, to avoid frustration.

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How to define and measure mobile web usage – or does it actually matter?

Just run into curious page with statistic for many purposes. The one illustrating mobile web usage made me wonder the actual definition of it.

If you just think about megabytes, then i would understand the ratio. On the other hand the time spend by end-users in web should be different ball game. I would imagine that the ratio should already be opposite. Continue reading How to define and measure mobile web usage – or does it actually matter?

Speed of internet connection – good position for consumer to be is in middle on trends, but what is operators next move?

Living in area close to city, but too far for proper fixed line connection. All operators offer 8M/1M connection and the actual measured speed will remain at level of 4-5M.

I am watching TV through that connection and began to wonder, if I could achieve a bit better quality for movies. 1M stream is ok, but I would prefer to get 2M stream for bigger screen.

I took a mobile phone capable to 4G connection. Made it distribute WLAN network and measured the speed. For my supprise I got almost symmetrical connection 25M/24M!

Naturally this luxury will not last as my neighbours figure the same thing out and start to utilize 4G, but for time being I can enjoy speed. So in some cases it is usefull to be early adopter moving from fixed to mobile connection.

Other thing that might change the situation in future is new pricing models of mobile subscriptions, that operators are talking about. Data buckets and other pricing limitatios will make it too fuzzy for consumers. At the moment mobile subscriptions are charged on fixed monthly basis similarly to fixed line connections.

Interesting to see what happens. I naturally understand that operators have to earn they money, but i am worried how pricing change will affect end user behaviour. Hopefully they will find a balance and we will not fall back to stone age. Like earlier times of mobile usage in USA: people did not dare to answer their phones as they felt uncertain about the expenses and stick with fixed line phones.

Mobile traffic to local sites is growing faster than total internet traffic – is there any difference anymore?

The share of Non-PC traffic has grown from 7% to 15% during last year compared to total internet traffic as illustrated in enclosed analysis made by comScore. During same period of time tablets and smartphones have developed significantly what comes to their internet capabilities and display sizes.

I would tend to argue that basically most of mobile traffic to websites is quite similar to traffic created by PCs. I even locations might be similar. What is the difference between me reading newspaper with smartphone at my breakfast table compared me reading it with PC in my study? In many cases mobile users are also consuming content with same layouts as PC users.

PC is dying, no doubt about that. Does this shift of consumption have any impact on way how web sites are designed in future? I think it is about time to stop thinking mobile and fixed internet as separate things. It seems more academic question out of reach for people creating the web traffic.