Jolla installation – second round

Lesson from first trial were useful now as Jolla came from maintenance – empty as one could expect.

Contact information was easy to retrieve from gmail-account

Found new easier guide for setting up GooglePlay.

Now after second round i still believe it is doable, but at the same time wonder, could it have been a bit easier? Availability of basic applications in Jolla-store is a problem for basic user.

Well anyhow Jolla is now up and running again. Waiting for next Sailfish upgrade to see what happens then. Hopefully it will go more smoothly.

Jolla first crashes – maintenance working well though

Last week it happened. I experienced difficulties while trying to update operating system. It just did not load the updated version. Although phone functioned well until last Monday. After that it just did not boot up at all. Only Jolla logo was showing up. Even removing of the battery did not make any positive effect to the situation.

Finally on Thursday I delivered the phone to maintenance. Positive surprise was that they managed to fix the problem already on Friday. Now looking forward to pick it up next week to see what is left of installed software and data. Most probably nothing, but if you are pessimistic enough you will newer get disappointments:)

Now phone should be equipped with newest version of Sailfish, so next thing for me is to figure out how it has developed in relation to utilization of Android applications and application stores.