Cloud storage prices eroding- served with day’s price as fish

Big players seem to have realized that there is space for price competition. Infrastructure cost is naturally dropping, maybe even faster than earlier estimated due to new innovative ways to utilize it more efficiently.

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Enterprise architecture – transformational industries

I was participating yesterday in an interesting panel discussion organized by KAOS (Enterprise architecture knowledge community). We were talking about transformational industries and impact of enterprise architecture in that scene. Here I collected few of my own takeaways and thoughts risen by the discussion (Not fully covering, just a flow of thoughts around the topic). Continue reading Enterprise architecture – transformational industries

Economy predictions for 2014 – many big things are moving or are they?

While reading New Years first news articles, few global topics from news were rising to top of my mind.

  1. Salary increases in Asia Pacific are corroding the cheap labor driven ecosystem
  2. GDP growth in China is slowing down
  3. Concerns about stability of euro
  4. Rising value of US dollar
  5. Bridging gap between education supply and labor market demand

Forecasts are just forecasts, but any how they will rise topics worth to follow up into our attention. It will be interesting to observe how things have really developed at the end of 2014.

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Breakthrough Ideas for Growth – how to reach longterm success?

Yesterday there was IMD alumni club meeting hosted by Fonecta with interesting panel discussion. Panel was chaired by Professor Seán Meehan from International institute for Management Development. The panelists were Kimmo Alkio from Tieto, Timo Hiltunen from Fonecta and Harri Kerminen from Finnpro. They were addressing the topic of creating growth from perspective of their companies.

Professor   Seán Meehan

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Mobile content market – how it develops in Finland

I was just browsing through study released by Idean. What are the tools (=smartphone) for delivering the mobile marketing message (alongside with other mobile content) to end-users and how that market is developing, where (globally or locally) my questions while starting to explore this study. Continue reading Mobile content market – how it develops in Finland

Enterprise architecture as strategy – measure progress and make it visible

This book has introduces nice way to analyze current architecture level of an organization. I find it helpful as with this kind of model you can turn an abstract thing like enterprise architecture more tangible and it also provides means for pointing out the progress while you are seeking higher levels of maturity of architecture. Naturally you may need to adjust some of the measures defined in the model, but basic principles introduced in this book provide clear and good starting point.

We have utilized the ideas from this book successfully at same time also taking benchmark of our architecture maturity level in iCMG’s competition. The category we participated was “New service offering”. Basic story from us was business transformation that is supported by growing enterprise architecture maturity level. Naturally you need also committed and capable people to utlize the framework, it is not working alone.

This book was definitely interesting and useful reading. One open ended though after experiencing this book was: is there another stage after business modularity, which was defined as highest stage here. Also it would be interesting to figure out, if organizations in different industries actually can be happy with some of the earlier stages in this four level model.

Trends have two dimensional role in relation to technology


Information technlogy has both implementing and enabling roles in organizations. Equally technology trends have impact into business development and new opportunities. New business trends can open up new ways to utilze and benefit from information technlogy.