Slush 2013 – an interesting experience

Two day event in Helsinki is now over. Slush13  was an interesting experience for first timer like me.

The program was surprisingly well organized into 4 different tracks presented in different stages. I specially enjoyed the green stage with short pitches held by entrepreneurs. Have to admit that there was a bit confusion in beginning when the host could not reach speakers for their few minute slots, but after that things were rolling nicely.

I skipped black stages as i did not feel enough professional interest into gaming, but three others were enjoyable. I found virtual approach really useful to start with. I had one computer and 2 iPads streaming different programs simultaneously. As soon as one was judged as boring i switched new channel into TV, through which i was following it. It was really fast way to get into feeling which area to follow and capture best pieces from wide offering.


Later on i went into the actual conference venue to discuss with those most interesting people in person.  With this approach i believe i managed to get more out of that event than just by hanging there all the time. 6000 people in one location is quite a challenge to maneuver through while seeking next interesting presentation.

Presentations were covering the start-up genre nicely and organizing, including the video streaming, was done professionally. Well done Slush-team! Looking forward to next year.

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