Social media, privacy, new user generation – does old medicin of Facebook still work?

Interesting report from Pew Internet & American Life research program how behaviour of younger generation is changing. Both idea what to share and where seem to in transit.

People are sharing more detailed information about themselves, but at the very same time they also question the forums where they are sharing information. Also the earlie idea of having more “friends” seem to be inflated. Now the focus is shifting towards quality of friends. This increases popularity of services like Path.

Funny detail is that also open sharing like Twitter is becoming more popular than ever. That is definitely a place without any privacy.

Maybe Facebook is becoming little “offline” kind of environment for todays younger generation with its stable wall postings, stable “friend” groups and daily/weekly commenting cycles. As I have observed my surroundings, younger generation seem to appreciate quickly changing discussion groups for different topics. Also messages are getting shorter or just pictures like in Instagram. Reaction times from recipients are microseconds instead of days or hours like in Facebook.

Anyone remembers SMS anymore? Actually they are still used in markets where infrastructure was good from very beginning and people found SMS trust worthy communication mean. Some habbits are inherited, I quess. So maybe next generation will still find some use also for Facebook too.

Only thing that makes me wonder is where do we find time to use all these diffent ways to communicate with our target audiences. Also just following many different discussion threads in different environments is consuming more and more capasity of our brains.

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