Impact of Alibaba’s IPO to Yahoo?

It will be interesting to see how Alibaba’s potential IPO will impact into Yahoo. Yahoo has 23% stake of Alibaba. Value estimates of Alibaba seem now been dropping from $100 billion into area of 70-80 billion. Even with that Yahoo’s stake would be worth 16-18 billion.

Yahoo booked into 2012 results roughly a 25% of that as gain from its Alibaba sale. So it seems valuable asset from that point of view too.

At the same time one of the major investors Third Point has made an exit from Yahoo. Feeling they will make better gains elsewhere?

Asia is quite important market for Yahoo. Especially important is China through Alibaba, but naturally also Japan (Yahoo Japan). As economies Japan and China have plenty of connections in good and bad.

I think timing will prove to be the key here as always. If you wait too long, big trends in China might tweak situation radically up or down. Now it seems like time to make a bet (if would be for betting).


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