49% of small businesses never update their listings online

Just found a survey made by ConstantContact among SMBs in february. They figured out that SMBs have challenges to handle even their basic online marketing. This is somehow understantable as they need to focus to their own business and they usually do not have knowledge or resources to tackle ever increasing complexity of online environment. Actually 70% of companies in this interview say that they do not have time to manage the listings.

What makes the finding in headline even more supprising is the fact that 85% of these companies feel that it would be important for their business to be found on major search sites, local search apps and directory sites.  50% of these same companies have seen that their listings have some mistakes. Only 23% of them tell that they have good sense of how listing are creating benefits to their businesses.

It seems that there is place for companies helping SMBs to work out their web presence and visibility in different online channels. Would be interesting to see results of similar reserach, if there are big differences in different parts of Europe. There are readily available some companies focused on easing up thiskind of challenges on behalf of SMBs.

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