Big Data 2014 – what have we learned from 2013?

Things are changing as concept of Big Data is getting more mature during 2014. Here are few imaginary headlines i wanted to comment on:

  • Big Data likes cloud?
  • The difficulty of choosing right Hadoop distribution puts project on hold?
  • Analytic applications are driving what we can do with Big Data?
  • ETL processes and MDM will disappear?

Notice the question marks after each topic. Continue reading Big Data 2014 – what have we learned from 2013?

Cloud matures as concept

Scope and efficiency of cloud based solutions and developmet are boosted up. As integration to cloud environments becomes easier and safer through cloud interface, new innovative ways to utilize cloud become possible. We get over either or attidude.


Real time capacity scaling is now treat for few, but soon it should be part of any cloud set up. At same time platform virtualization standardizes and we start to see real offering in arena called platform as a service (PaaS). Currently many offering are developing, but each has their different merrits and handicaps. Business solutions offering as software as service (SaaS) becomes mainstream. In this arena we already see many significant moves, but so more focusing into few specific processes like CRM or billing.