Test driving new in site search – amazing speed and accuracy

As you might see, new search box has appeared into right sidebar. This is produced by Finnish startup called AddSearch.

Seem to be working smoothly, which you can experience by yourself. Nothing to add to that experience talks for itself.

Solution as such is easy to install. It took just minute or to do the drill. Pricing plan is free for small sites like this up until 500 pages and it is based on number of pages to be indexed.

Company has been around since 2013. It has been funded by Vision+ and Tekes. Interesting here is that Vison+ is normally making investments with revenue sharing model. Now they have wanted a stake of this new company, so they must have quite strong believe into future of it.

Overall excellent solution, which I hope will be welcomed by big media companies. I believe it will find its own slot in the ecosystem of content publishing. So lousy are searches to day in many sites that this kind of solution is needed.

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