Cybersecurity – growing market?

Previous week was quite active in cyber security scene: collapsing cn-domains, twitter hick-ups, unpublished online news papers.  Some splashes went over to my tiny site too: I got suddenly few thousand new readers. Unfortunately they were reported either unknown robots or know spamming IPs.

Market Research Media states that: With a cumulative market valued at $65.5 billion (2013 – 2018), the U.S. Federal Cyber security market will grow steadily – at about 6.2% CAGR over the next six years.

Quite many countries world wide have created their own cyber security strategies. In this list compiled by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence there are 27. Some might be missing, but the point is that many countries have taken topic, if not seriously, at least under their radar.

Based on resent happenings it is some times difficult to judge who are the good and who are the bad guys in this cyber security game. Privacy will be compromised independently of the fact if the actor is government authority or hacker. Same technologies can also be utilized for defense and offense. So situation is like with traditional weapons: you need to keep them out of the hands of those misbehaving and continuously develop new better ones.

Quite evident fact seem to be that both sides need a lot of cooperation in order to keep their technologies up to date. ” Modern-day cybersecurity experts have look to one another to develop new expertise – given that the Internet is a global phenomenon, tackling cyber crime and cyberterrorism involves international effort.” Still cooperation needs to be expanded to cover also innovative companies and their resources. Tricky part for governments to figure out remains: how to finance all these activities.

Other side will get their “project finance” anyhow, so it is obvious that governments will increase their spending in this area. At the very same time also private companies need to protect their interests, so they have to invest also. I would agree on the prediction that this is  a growing market. Only thing remains to be seen how fast will it grow?

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